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Working from home must-haves to cheer up your remote working life!

By November 9, 2020No Comments
working from home must-haves

New to working from home? Try these must-haves to help you while you work!

The pandemic has shaken up the way many offices and businesses are run, with most workers now working from home wherever possible. If you are like the majority of new remote workers, you’ll still be struggling to wrap your head the lifestyle change. Whether you’re loving the morning lie-ins or you’re ready to pull your hair out with the lack of office social life, here are some useful must-haves to help you while working from home!

Suitable headgear

CLIK S earbuds If you’ve got a lot of Zoom meetings, are constantly on calls or just want to sit and listen to music while you work, a set of good earphones are a must-have. The CLIK S earbuds were designed specifically for comfort, so your ears won’t get irritated by the constant use. They also have HD sound, a built-in mic and noise-cancelling abilities, so you can get down to business or listen to your music with perfect sound and minimal distractions! The small and compact in-ear earbuds are completely wireless, so you won’t get distracted by any pesky wires either. Easy to charge, the CLIK S earbuds come with a charging case, so you can simply place the earbuds back in the case after your workday has ended for a quick charge.

Comfy seating

a comfy chair is a remote working must-have!Sitting in bed or on your sofa isn’t the best place for remote working, you need a chair to work on. A comfy chair will stop your back from aching, help posture and keep you in the zone while you’re working from home! Remember to take some time to get up, stretch, and have a short walkabout to stop any backache or cramping. Wayfair has a selection of quirky desk chairs so you don’t have to settle for a boring standard office chair. We’d recommend getting an adjustable chair with a padded backrest for the ultimate comfort. Don’t get too comfortable though – you’re supposed to be working!

Office gear

office gear is essential for working from homeHaving a separate workspace in your home is a must-have when it comes to working from home. If possible, set up your own desk to work from so you can separate yourself from your home environment while on shift. The good thing about having your own workspace is that you can decorate it! Try to make it more inviting, so that you don’t dread work in the mornings. Typo has some great desk accessories to browse through. Go back to basics with calendars and whiteboards to help you focus and set out your work routine, get a jazzy plant to brighten the place up, or just get yourself a fun pen jar to decrease clutter!

Conferencing software

remote working is easier with messaging and conferencing softwareOne of the most stressful things about working from home is the lack of communication and physical contact you have with your peers, so it’s important to keep in contact with everyone. Carry on with your team meetings and your water cooler gossip with a decent conferencing and messaging software like MyJuno or Zoom. Software and apps like these enable you to video call, message, and set up conferencing with team members and even potential stakeholders and business partners. Additionally, the MyJuno app also has seamless real-time translation so you can carry on your business ventures internationally without the use of a translator or one party speaking in a secondary language.