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WeChat Ban: Is there a WeChat alternative?

By November 2, 2020No Comments
WeChat alternative for if Trump's WeChat ban is approved

Everything you need to know about Trump’s WeChat ban

Chinese Americans are nervously awaiting an outcome on Trump’s WeChat ban, which he issued back in early August. Along with Chinese owned app TikTok, WeChat is on the chopping block for being a ‘threat’ to the US national security. Although everyone is still unsure of what the outcome will be, there are worries as to what happens next if the ban goes ahead. If Trump’s WeChat ban gets the green light, where do we go from here and are there any alternatives?

What happens if Trump’s WeChat ban is approved?

will Trump's WeChat ban be approved?

The WeChat ban has the potential to ruin communication between China and the US. If it goes ahead, it will ban WeChat from all US app stores and devices. This might not seem like a big deal for some, but WeChat is vital for the Chinese diaspora. WeChat is the most popular messaging app in China since most social media apps and services are partially or entirely blocked. Imagine not being able to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even Whatsapp to talk to friends and family. Not only do people use WeChat when they’re in China, but they also use it to keep in contact with those in China, for example, Chinese students studying abroad or international business partners. If Trump’s wishes are granted and WeChat is banned, the US will struggle to keep in contact with China. So far the judge involved in the WeChat ban has temporarily blocked Trump’s attempt to ban the app, so WeChat is safe…for now.

Are there any WeChat alternatives available?

WeChat vs MyJunoAlthough there are some workarounds to accessing blocked apps and websites in China, it’s important to note that these workarounds (such as using VPNs) are illegal and could land you with a hefty fine. VPNs aren’t currently illegal in the US so there is potential to use them, however using a VPN to carry out illegal activity – like accessing a banned platform, for example, would be. So the question remains for both US and Chinese citizens – are there any WeChat alternatives out there? The answer is, yes! The MyJuno app is available for both Android and iOS devices in the US and China, and has similar functions to WeChat and Whatsapp, plus a few other features!

What can MyJuno do?

MyJuno app

MyJuno was made for oversees messaging. If you want to chat with relatives or friends in China while you are in the US or any other country, you can easily do this with MyJuno. You have the option of one-to-one messaging, group chats and even an event option if you want similar features to that of Facebook pages. If you don’t fancy typing your messages you can also use your microphone to speak your message or response, and MyJuno will convert your speech into a text message ready to send for you. MyJuno’s most unique features that both WeChat and Whatsapp don’t offer is real-time translation; you can use the app to speak to any other user, regardless of any language barriers!

When setting up your account MyJuno asks for your preferred language, so that you can text and receive messages in that language. For instance, an English-speaking businessman could discuss a possible collaboration with a Chinese-speaking firm without either party having to speak the other’s language or translate any messages – The English speaker would write in English and the message would be received by the Chinese speaker, already translated into Mandarin and vice versa. Not only will MyJuno be there for anyone struggling if the WeChat ban goes ahead, but it will also make communicating with other countries easier by removing the language barriers! You can download MyJuno for free here.