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Why translation apps save you money in the long run

By October 26, 2020No Comments
learning a new language!

Here are 4 reasons why translation apps are under-rated money savers

Whether you want to chat with locals on your next holiday or need something to help you talk to your employees better, translation apps seem to be an easy and cost-effective choice for multi-language needs. If you’re weighing up the options of whether or not to buy a translation app, we’re here to tell you – do it! We’re going to tell you why translation apps are great, what you can do with them and why they’re worth the money!

No need for language courses

you don't need to learn languages with translation apps

If you’ve ever tried to learn another language, you’ll understand how costly and difficult it can be. We understand that translation apps can’t replace learning another language, but if you don’t necessarily need to learn a language, then a translation app can be completely worth it. If you work with or hire foreign workers, or are involved in a lot of international trade, then you’ll more than likely run into some language barriers. It would take hours of revising, a whole lot of dedication, and a fair amount of money to learn another language, and even then, you would be restricted to that language. Buying a translation app will give you simple, easy and reliable translations in lots of different languages, without the late night revision classes or the hefty tuition fees.

Find more opportunities

translation apps can open doors and save you money

Having the ability to chat to others in multiple different languages can open so many doors and lead to great opportunities. There are over 7 billion people on Earth, so it only makes sense that the more people you can connect with, the more opportunities and success you can get, which will help you save money in the long run. In the business-world, being able to discuss partnerships and make deals is a major way of boosting your earnings and profits. With translation apps such as MyJuno, which is available on iOS and Android, you can connect with other international business leaders and discuss life-changing opportunities. Having the means to talk to others in different languages can also lead to different career paths, relocating to other countries, or could even get you into high profile international events.

Have more freedom

translation apps give you freedom and save you money

Travelling can be quite costly, whether it’s for work or pleasure. Translation apps give you access to multiple different languages, which means you have the freedom to travel to a lot more places than those that can’t speak foreign languages. Language barriers can be a big deterrent when it comes to choosing where to travel to or what countries you want to expand your business in, this is why translation apps are quite the money-saving necessity. Not only can you have free range to choose the cheapest places to visit when taking a holiday, but you also have more freedom to make your business international. If you do your research well and reach out to the right people, you could land some great business deals in the countries that are more likely to boost your business.

Your own personal translator

translation apps stop you hiring interpreters and helps you to save money

You can waste a whole lot of money hiring personal translators and interpreters when it comes to both travel and business. When it comes to travelling, you might want to get involved with tours and sight-seeing events, but sometimes your native language isn’t available – or you have to pay extra for the privilege. Instead of forking out your hard-earned money to hear a tour in your language, you could save money and use a translation app to hear your tour guide! Good translation apps like MyJuno are made to be your very own personal translator, at a fraction of the price. The problem many businesses have with hiring personal translators is the effort and time it takes to bring that middle-man into a conference or meeting, especially face-to-face events. If you purchase a translation app that offers instant, speech-to-speech translation, then there really is no need for that middle-man anymore.