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Messaging minus the language barriers

Meet MyJuno, the world’s first translation and messaging app designed to simplify international communications for travellers, business professionals and employers.

Speak and message with your friends anywhere in the world without any
language barriers

37 + languages

Instantly converse and chat in 37 + languages wherever you are in the world


Clip board shows all translation in a text after every conversation

Group translation

Speak and chat to multiple people in a group with all messages translated instantly

Distance is a matter of perspective

Connect with your friends from all across the globe with MyJuno’s group translation feature. Send and receive fully translated texts and voice messages from one language, to another.

It’s social messaging minus the language barriers. With over 37 languages to choose from, just set your preferred language to receive all texts and voice messages instantly translated for you. Even if the sender can’t speak or write in your language, MyJuno will translate the messages for you within seconds. Your group chat will never be the same again.

Real-time voice to voice translation in 37+ Languages

MyJuno’s simultaneous language translation system turns your phone into your very own interpreter, translating your voice into multiple languages and transcribing your conversations.

Features for all your travel and business needs

Speak and text with anyone, anywhere in the world. With MyJuno’s advance machine learning and intelligence, you can chat to multiple people who speak different languages all within one group chat. You can now plan your trips without any language barrier

  • Real-time speech-to-speech translation in 37+ languages
  • Clip board shows all translation in a text
  • Proprietary system enabling speech-to-text translation and text-to-speech translation
  • Advanced Machine learning technology
  • Phrasebook/dictionary saves frequently used phrases
  • World-class fast translation

What our users say

“MyJuno has definitely made communicating with international firms and doing business overseas a lot easier for me. With the app there are no language barriers; everything is instant. I can find new people and new opportunities from all over the world now and that’s definitely thanks to MyJuno.”

Marco CastelanelliCEO

“I was lucky enough to be part of the early testers and I'm really impressed! The accuracy of the translation is amazing and I can't wait to see what MyJuno brings next!”

Alex CohenInternational sales

“The quality and speed of translation was way more than I expected. I can see this becoming one of my go-to travel apps while I travel the world!”

Jake SmithDeveloper

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