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An adventurers gift guide: Christmas Gifts for Travelers

By November 16, 2020No Comments
best christmas gifts for travelers

Need some gift inspiration? Here are some Christmas gifts for travelers!

If you’re filled with wanderlust or know someone who is, then you’ll know how tough 2020 has been for travelers. A full-on pandemic, global travel restrictions and local lockdowns have really put a downer on both the travel industry and explorers everywhere. To make up for such an awful year, why not treat your travel-loving friends and family to something nice and get them looking forward to next years travel plans! We’ve found a perfect mixture of Christmas gifts for travelers of every kind, so sit back and take a browse – there’s something for everyone!

Engraved compass

For those that enjoy the wilderness and doing things the old fashioned way, a compass would be a perfect addition the someone’s travel pack. For an extra personal touch, you can get an engraved compass and write whatever your heart desires – a travel quote, the owner’s initials, or your very own personal message! Prezzybox offers an affordable brass travelers compass with an engraved option. We’d advise making sure before you buy one that the recipient knows how to read and use a compass, or if you think it would be beneficial, go ahead and get them a compass reading book to help them. With a compass in their pocket, they’ll always know their way!

Travel journal

A travel journal is one of the perfect Christmas gifts for travelers who are on the creative side. A travel journal could be used to store all your pictures, postcards or just your general thoughts while you’re away from home – similar to a diary. If you know a traveler who loves to keep track of moments and memories or if they are an avid writer, a travel journal could be just what they need! You can find lots of different travel journals online, but we’d suggest The Little Picture Company’s ‘my travel book’ journal; the retro-styled journal comes with lined paper on one side for writing, and an acrylic pocket on the other side for storing travel souvenirs!

Scratch off travel map

For those who like to keep a note of where they have visited, scratch-off maps are a quirky and fun way of doing so! The idea behind scratch-off maps is to scratch off the top layer of every destination you have visited, with the end goal of having scratched the whole map. The second layer is usually a different colour to the top layer to make it visually appealing, and you can find these scratch-off maps on Amazon in a variety of colours such as black, gold, blue and rose gold. Scratch-off maps are great Christmas gifts for travelers who like to keep travel-related accessories in their rooms, as they’re ideal for pinning up on a wall as a poster.

carry-on duffle bag

christmas gifts for travelers

One of the go-to Christmas gifts for travelers has got to be luggage. Whether your recipient is a city tourist or a beachfront bather, there’s no doubt they’ll be taking some luggage with them on their journey. Duffel bags are great for traveling as they’re the perfect size for carry-on luggage! Nordace have some great duffel bags to choose from (and backpacks, if you’re looking for something more lightweight) ranging from carry-on size to maximum storage. These bags are on the pricier side, but you’re definitely paying for the great quality and design! If you want more of a stocking-filler gift, Nordace also has a range of packing cubes for organising bags and suitcases.

Language Translator

christmas gifts for travelersDon’t fancy giving a physical gift this year? You can always save your wrapping skills for next year and try an app subscription instead! Translators are arguably the most useful Christmas gifts for travelers to have as they’re just so handy. If you know someone who loves to travel to foreign places but isn’t able to speak another language, an app like MyJuno would be perfect to help them on their journies. MyJuno offers text and speech translation, so you can converse to locals via typing or talking and the app will instantly translate for you! The app is free to download, and you can buy lifetime premium access for just $50!