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Top benefits of the MyJuno international business development tool

By July 28, 2021No Comments
myjuno international business tool

Do you dream of taking your business to the next level by venturing overseas? Or maybe you’ve already started your global business venture but you’re struggling with the adjustments? No matter where you’re currently at on your global business journey, the MyJuno app can help! The international business development tool was designed specifically for businesses to connect and make partnerships overseas, without falling victim to those dreaded language barriers – perfect for entrepreneurs! Want to know more on why MyJuno is a must-have tool for boosting your international business? Keep reading!

3 key benefits of the Myjuno international business development tool

Save time and boost your business opportunities

boost your business with myjunoIt’s always a great feeling when you get a new partner or investor on board. When it comes to going global, you’ll have to rely on making business opportunities with new people, and this can be tough when there are hundreds of miles between you both. It’s not always possible to set up physical meetings, and sometimes a quick email will suffice. But when you’re trying to connect and work with someone that’s from another country, sometimes language barriers can make those quick and simple emails a lot trickier than normal.

MyJuno offers encrypted messaging with automatic seamless translation (that even works in places like China), so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your business chats are safe and completely free of language barriers! Using the free-to-use MyJuno app to contact potential or new international business prospects will save you time. Instead of the dreaded task of trying to set up calls that suit both your time zones or having to go back and forth with a translator just to send over simple emails, you can use MyJuno. The app will notify you whenever you receive a message, and all messages are automatically translated into the recipients chosen language – so you have less stress on your plate!

Reduce translation costs

the myjuno international business development tool replaces human translatorsWhile virtual communication has certainly seen a rise over the past year, sometimes physical meetings can be necessary. If you’re looking to make deals with new people, it’s more than likely that you’ll have to meet with them in person at some point. We’ve already discussed how MyJuno can benefit your virtual chats, but now it’s time to tell you why the international business development tool is perfect for physical meetings, too!

We know how much inconvenience can come from language barriers when it comes to international work, which is why most smart entrepreneurs hire a translator. With the current covid measures, you’ll want to minimize the amount of contact you have with others. To lower the number of individuals in your boardroom meetings, you can use the free-to-use MyJuno app to replace a human translator – it will also save you money, too! Translators cost money, often at eye-watering amounts. If you want a more cost-effective solution to hiring a translator with the same great performance, MyJuno is a must-have. Using the solo-translate feature on the app, you can translate speech in real-time, and you’ll even get a translated transcript of the whole conversation.

Increase efficiency by keeping your teams connected

global business teamsA big part of stepping up your business globally is taking on new teams. Whether it’s setting up a new manufacturing hub or hiring an entire team of marketers, you’ll want to find a way to easily and effectively communicate with your workers. If you’re looking to grow your business internationally, or you already have, MyJuno is a great international business development tool you can use to keep you all connected!

MyJuno lets you create private group chats that automatically translates all messages to the preferred language of each user. You can have as many group chats as you’d like, with as many members as you want, too! Group chats are perfect for when international teams need to work together. Whether it’s a one-off international team collab or you have teams that it’s essential to have clear lines of communication together, you can easily set up a group chat in the free-to-use MyJuno app to break any language barriers that could pose an issue.

Now that you know some of the many great benefits of MyJuno when it comes to going global, will you be making any changes to your international business development tools and plans? To see what MyJuno could do for your business visit the MyJuno Business Page or download the MyJuno app for free on Android or iOS.