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Lockdown 3.0: Everything you need to know about the UK’s third brutal lockdown

By January 21, 2021February 10th, 2021No Comments
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The UK has officially entered its third lockdown, but what’s different this time around? Here’s everything you need to know about Lockdown 3.0

On the bleak morning of January 6th while the New Year was still ripe, the UK moved hastily into its third lockdown of the pandemic. This latest change has left many Brits scratching their heads in confusion: What exactly is different this time around? Is Lockdown 3.0 stricter than the serious lockdowns? What are the new rules? If you’re looking for answers, you’ve come to the right place. Here is all the latest information and what to expect from Lockdown 3.0!

What are the new rules?

rules for working while in coronavirus pandemic and lockdown 3.0

For those in England, you are not to leave your home unless you have a ‘reasonable excuse’ such as essential shopping or commuting to work if you cannot work from home. You are not permitted to socialise with anyone from outside of your home unless you are in a support bubble. Childcare bubble are also still permitted as long as you stick to the criteria.

You are allowed to leave your house to exercise, and can also choose to exercise with another person that’s not in our bubble or household as long as you socially distance. If you do choose to leave your house to exercise, be cautious of where you go – as you must stay local to your area, and fines are being given to those who travel out of their local area to exercise.

How is Lockdown 3.0 different from Tier 4 and the previous lockdowns?

coronavirus tier 4 government announcement bulletin

Lockdown 3.0 seems to be similar to previous lockdowns as non-essential shops have had to close and you cannot leave your house unless you have a reasonable excuse. You can only leave your house to exercise once day, however there doesn’t seem to be a limit of one-hour like previous lockdowns.

Unlike Tier 4 and the first and second lockdowns, schools are now closed. Essential workers however, can still send their children to daycare and school if they cannot look after their children at home. Most schools and Universities are now continuing classes online via video call apps such as Zoom. Places of worship, MOT garages, and outdoor playgrounds are also still open.

What does this mean for travel?

passengers sat wearing face masks while on the train during coronavirus pandemic

Travel is banned, unless you have a legally permitted reason to leave home. This includes travelling within your country to other cities, as well as international travel. If you are permitted to travel internationally, you must check the public health advice and rules for the country you are visiting.

UK citizens that are currently overseas do not have to return immediately, but are advised to check their airlines or travel operator for arrangements on returning. Public transport such as taxis, trams, trains and buses are still active along with planes, however you are advised to avoid these means of transport where possible to minimise the risk of infection.

When will Lockdown 3.0 end?

when will coronavirus and lockdown 3.0 end?

For England, it seems that Lockdown 3.0 will be enforced until 31 March, although the government has hopes of easing the restrictions during March. For Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland however, all have different dates. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have set end of lockdown dates for February, although these dates can and might be extended if needed – which is looking more and more likely each week.

So, it looks like the UK still has a while to go before lockdown 3.0 ends. If you’re looking for ways to make use of your new-founded free time or are struggling with living during the lockdown, we’ve got some great guides to help you out! If you’re looking for ways to boost your entertainment levels, try these boredom-busting apps or this entertainment guide, or if you’re looking to keep your mind and body healthy you can try our exercise and nutrition guide¬†along with our tips to combat lockdown loneliness!¬†