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Is a Gap year for you?

By March 15, 2020No Comments
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Is a Gap year for you?

You’ve finished up with school and the pressure of studying is off only to be switched up with a different type of pressure and the question hangs in the air “So now what’s the next big step?” The idea of a gap year might have crossed your mind but is one really for you?

There are tons of reasons why someone would choose to go on a gap year, some students are undecided on what they would like to major in and a gap year gives them time to really think about what they want to do.

Some use this year to dip their toes in experiences and develop skills that are related to what they are considering taking as a major or as a career. While other students are a bit worn out and fancy a break from the pressure of studying and want to travel and rediscover themselves.

she needs a gap year



Why take a Gap Year?

A gap year can look completely different from one person to the next, with that being said if you haven’t already, ask yourself why are you thinking of taking a gap year? What does a gap year look like to you? What do you want to accomplish during your gap year?

If you were thinking about travelling have you thought about studying abroad or volunteering in community projects? These are great options to further your skills in the profession you want to do with real life experiences or the opportunity can be used as a taster without committing to a degree.

These experiences are valuable in multiple ways as they can also make you stand out from other potential candidates when applying for a job.

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Have you thought about your Gap year fully?

A trip abroad sounds amazing but one of the most important things to think about is whether you can afford to go on a Gap year travelling, have you thought about how you would financially support yourself on your Gap year?

Besides the obvious option of getting a job, you could fund raise, sell some belongings online, there are some creative ways and options to be found with a quick search.

Money for a gap year

Something to consider is that if you did do a gap year you would be graduating at a different time from your High school friends although this does not bother most people, it’s worth being said and thought about.

Have you thought about how to communicate whilst being in another country? If you’re planning on going to a country without knowing the native language little things like ordering food or trying to ask people for directions can be tricky but did you know there is an app called MyJuno which instantly translates what you’re saying to the language of whoever you’re talking to? It also has a handy phrasebook feature that comes with pre-installed phrases and you can even use this feature without wi-fi! Perfect for when you’re in a bit of bide with no signal.

Another thing to mention about MyJuno is also an app where you can add people that you make friends with abroad! It makes communication easier overcoming that language barrier. 

meeting new people on gap year


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A Gap year can hold life changing experiences with the chance to learn new skills and develop on ones you already have, it is also a opportunity to discover yourself more as a person and meet people that can have a huge impact on your life but you would never have met them if it weren’t for a gap year, ultimately only you can answer if one is right for you.