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5 Travel Apps everyone should pack!

By February 26, 2020March 15th, 2020No Comments
best travel apps

The build-up to any holiday or travel can be quite stressful. Forgetting to pack certain items, the jetlag, not knowing where to explore when you get off the plane; all of these things can be overwhelming. To help you minimize your stress levels and make travelling an enjoyable experience, we’ve gathered together a list of amazing travel apps. From finding the best transport while you’re abroad to translating everyday small talk, we’ve got all the travel apps you need!


tripit one of the best travel apps

Tripit is an itinerary app perfect for those who are cautious of losing valuable travel documents. Whether it’s your hotel booking, car rental details, or your flight tickets, you can link them all to the Tripit app to keep everything safe. Simply forward your confirmation emails to the Tripit email, and your documents will appear on your Tripit planner! You can check your documents whenever you want, and you can even send your planner to friends and family. If that wasn’t organised enough for you, Tripit can also sync to your calendar!


packpoint is one of the best travel apps

The perfect travel app for those that always forget to pack things, Packpoint will create your very own personalised list for your journey. Packpoint will create your ideal packing list dependent on the length of your holiday, the activities you have planned, and the weather forecast for the location! Just tell the travel app the details of your holiday and Packpoint will do the rest. If you’re planning a trek in the mountains or your destination is due for a storm, Packpoint will let you know what you need to take with you. You’ll never have to worry about packing a suitcase again!


timeshifter is a great travel app to have

Timeshifter is a great travel app for those that hate jetlag. It uses science used by real-life astronauts to get your body prepared for a shift in time when travelling. You can use Timeshift for short journeys such as business trips, or long stays like holidays. All you need to do is input where you are and where you are planning on going, with a time schedule of when you will be travelling. The app will then work out a planner for you with times when you should nap, avoid coffee, and sit in brightly lit areas. It may seem a bit strange, but you can’t argue with science!


MyJuno is the best travel app for translation

If you enjoy meeting new people on your travels, MyJuno might be the travel app for you. With its built-in translation system, you can direct message and set up group chats with others from all across the world, instantly translating all messages to each users language. You can also use MyJuno to turn your phone into a translation device using the solo translation feature. If you struggle connecting your phone to the internet while you travel, the MyJuno app has a phrasebook feature in over 37 languages to help you in all different situations.


Rome2rio is one of the best travel apps on the appstore

If you worry about how to get around new destinations, Rome2Rio is the travel app for you! No matter where you want to go in the world, the Rome2Rio app will tell you how to get there. The travel app has plane, bus, train and ferry routes you can choose from to help you get from A to B. You can also check car hire near you or if your route is walkable. Transport tickets can be bought through the app and you can also check out hotels near your location using  Rome2rio’s partnership with Booking.com