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Bored at home? Here are some entertainment tips to help you survive the coronavirus lockdown!

By April 6, 2020November 23rd, 2020No Comments

Whether you’re in lockdown, self-isolation or practising social-distancing, you won’t be bored at home with these entertainment tips!

By now you’re more than likely practising social distancing or are hidden away from the world in self-isolation, binge-watching Netflix and waiting for a positive news story to come on the TV. Since we might be cooped up for a while, we thought you might want some tips on how to stay entertained. We’ll be going through all the TV and film entertainment trends you can jump on, and some you might have missed! If you’re bored at home now, you won’t be for long!

Try out Disney+

Disney+ is a great option for kids that are bored at homeWe can’t think of a better way for you to practice social-distancing than hunkering down with a bit of Disney+! Unless you’ve been living under a rock these last few weeks, you should know about Disney+. Fans of Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, and even National Geographic can find plenty of TV series and films to enjoy while in lockdown. Disney+ is fairly new to the streaming world having only launched in November 2019, but that comes with some perks. You can try Disney+ for free for 7 days, and even after your free trial is up, it’s a mere £5.99 a month! Kids can get bored at home rather quickly, so having a full array of Disney movies ready and waiting might be a good move.

Solve the Tiger King conspiracies

If you have Netflix, then you might have seen this new series on your dashboard. Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness is the latest Netflix Original docu-series that focuses on big cat conservationists and collectors within America, and honestly, it’s wild. You couldn’t possibly be bored at home if you’ve watched this series. It follows the feud between exotic animal park owner Joe Exotic and Big Cat Rescue founder Carole Baskin. Since most of the world is in lockdown due to the coronavirus, this series has completely blown up. There have been conspiracy theories, leaked evidence, and even celebrity live-stream viewing parties! As the title suggests, there’s a lot of madness and mayhem, and even a murder plot, but you’ll have to watch it for yourself – no spoilers here! Instead of binge-watching this series like you usually would, why not follow along with your friends and family and come up with your own theories?

Open your mind to foreign films

foreign films are good option for people who are bored at home in self-isolation

One thing you might not have tried before is foreign films and cinema. Dubbed movies and subtitles might seem off-putting at first, but you shouldn’t let it stop you! There are hundreds of critically-acclaimed foreign films just waiting for our monolingual eyes to watch. Not only will you find some great new movies, but you may even pick up a few foreign words and phrases to us on holiday! Perfect for social-distancing couples, families in lockdown, or self-isolating singletons, foreign films are an easy and educational entertainment option – plus, if you’re that bored at home, they’ll be the only films you’ll have left to watch! If you need help finding some foreign movies, give these ones a try. We especially like Amélie for its positivity-spreading vibes! And if by the end of lockdown you still haven’t mastered any foreign phrases for your future holidays, at least you have foreign films and the MyJuno translation app to help you spark up conversations with locals!

Let Marie Kondo fix your house

Not only are we bored at home, but we’re getting bored of our homes, too! If lockdown has got you hating how your home looks, Marie Kondo can help. Although she can’t make house-stops right now (she’s sticking to the social-distancing rules, of course), Kondo’s series on Netflix is the next best thing. Tidying up with Marie Kondo is a Netflix Original series that shows how the Japanese organising consultant can help you de-clutter your house. Kondo shows us the best ways to fold and organise our clothes, where you should position belongings around your house, and even how to know when it’s time to get rid of your possessions. Some of her methods and theories are a little on the unconventional side, but it makes for great entertainment and will help you to spring clean your house ready for the when the world goes back to normal!

Learn to speak Dothraki

bored at home in self-isolation or lockdown? Binge-watch Game of thrones!

What do you do when you have a lot more free time on your hands and are incredibly bored at home? Learn a fictional language, of course! Although the series may have come to an end last year, people are still not over Game of Thrones. The brutal fantasy drama is to this day one of the most talked-about TV series of all time, and it’s 8 seasons are all available on Now TV. If you’re looking for a challenging pass-time while in lockdown, Game of Thrones is a great choice. Not only can you read the books the series is based off, but you can also try your hand at learning the many fictional languages GOT has to offer – there are five to choose from. If you want to learn more, the MyJuno app comes equipped with all GOT languages as well as Lord of the Ring’s Elvish and Star Trek’s Klingon (we’re only joking – unless you’re into that, in which case we can definitely try to make it happen).